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Some lessons on why you should stay the course.

The attached is well worth reading in our view. It is good article by Morningstar looking at what investors do when looking at short term negative events, assuming it will last for years to come and them trying to trade around this. https://arc2.morningstar.com.au/Document/Preview/97036?oauth_accesstoken=&externalClientId=367&source=email-mn&type=article

Market Update – can we look longer term vs just the now?

Some comments from myself and what I am seeing, reading and in talking to others and jumbled in with commentary from funds managers we are talking to at present; Volatility is at extreme levels, in many places more so than in 2008. This is as much a function of impaired liquidity as anything else. I …

Market Update – Coronavirus and Oil

Given the large and sudden deterioration in share markets globally in the last week, I wanted to put some perspective on things. The very sharp falls in the last 2 days are a result of the continued march of Covid_19 and Russia and the OPEC producing oil nations not being able to agree to curb …

Why Market Timing Doesn’t Work

Quite often here at Murphy Hill we get some very interesting articles that have been collated by Jim Parker, Vice President of DFA Australia Limited. Today’s is one worth reading in the current climate, with an introduction by Jim. “Market timing is a strategy where investors quit the market to try to avoid losses before …