Global video update

Below is a short video from one of the International fund managers we use here at Murphy Hill Private Wealth. We have found Magellan as an investment house thinks deeply about markets and the impact this has on clients investments. Even if you don’t have an exposure to Magellan, the article is worth listening to.

In this update, Hamish Douglass (lead portfolio manager for Magellan Global Fund) discusses investment matters and explains why the level of interest rates is so crucial to equity valuations. They also explore the success of Mastercard and the credit-card companies more broadly and we take a look at the challenges facing journalism and what the damage to the newspaper business model means for society.    

Why Magellan is lowering its long-term forecasts for interest rates. And why that matters for stock selection – in particular, the mix between defensive and growth stocks. (Viewing time: 12 min).

Link to video